With Delio’s Reporting all the information you need will be at your fingertips, so you can take the right decisions. ¿Which campaigns work? What are the most profitable media? Which products sell better using email? What is the best day of the week to launch an offer? Delio allows you to control the most important data at a single glance and personalize the way you want to see the information.

Everything at a glance

Delio’s Dashboard is a centralized pannel where you will be able to follow the main data about your campaigns at a comfortable and intuitive glance.

The Dashboard lets you easily have under your control the parameters of your campaign that most interest you. You will be able to configure it as you wish and change it as often as you like.

The dashboard Reporting of Delio lead management have the analytics that provide complete visibility into for your  sales and customer service operations of Your leads in any stage of the sales funnel
The reporting dashboard could be personalized with only the relevant parameters that Yor sales and marketing team need. The reporting dashboard shows You the data in real tiem

The information the way you like it

Delio allows the configuration of your reporting parameters, so you get the information which really interests you, in the way that is most useful for you. You will be able tu customize your Dashboard and the way you want all your campaign info to be calculated and visualized.

Delio Lead Management Reporting dashboard enable  customer data analysis, such as lead purchase history , lead number of vists,  that which helps to  identify targets for cross-selling and up-selling
The reporting editor is easy to personize.

Connect all your information

With Delio you can archive your reports and build up a history. It also allows the customizable creation of periodic reports you want to be sent via automatic email to designated people.

Delio Lead Management reporting allows You to archive and generate periodic reports
You are able to generate the  analytical reports during all sales funnel You are able to optimize Your sales funnel  following the most relevant KPIs