Delio’s capacity to gather and analyze information about leads and clients has a power that is unmatched in the market. Delio is capable of gathering information about your leads throughout their lifecycle, from the Google search they did to the result of a conversation with your call center. But Delio not only collects this information, it presents it in a way that allows you to make use of it, better segmenting your leads and creating more efficient campaigns. So you can sell more, which is what it’s all about.

Know your consumers

With Delio you will be able to track your leads througout their lifecycle. Delio will automatically note their origin, their web surfing patterns, the data left in landing pages, the result of conversations with your sales force or purchases made…. All possible information sources for a lead together in one place and organized for easy comprehension and segmentation. Delio’s Tracking 360º allows you to know more, so you can take better decisions.

Delio Lead management platform,   provides real-time statistics on a dash board organized with meaningful data from your leads, incorporating  the lead scoring
 Delio’s Marketing Automation Platform Tracking 360º uses analytics in order to understand your lead through  the different behaviours in each medium

Always take the best decisions

Delio offers you real-time statistics of your campaigns, organized your way so you can see which ones are more effective. You will be able to base your marketing strategies in real-time data and adjust them on the go if necessary. With Delio, you will know how your consumers react to the communications you send them and you will be able to easily put together reports reflecting all the information in the most useful way to your needs.

The real-time analytics dashboard organizes  the data from your leads  to determine the value you're getting from your marketing automation efforts


All the information about the leads who call you

Until now, whenever a lead decided to telephone your company (for instance, calling a toll-free number they see on your website) you had no way of automatically collecting information about the caller. This has changed with Delio’s call tracker, a service which will allow you to know where they came from, what pages in your website they saw before calling you or if they showed interest in your products in the past. At Delio we are aware that the more you know about your leads the easier it will be to interact with them in a meaningful way and the closer you will be to a sale.

Delio Marketing automation and sales platform allows you to manage, measure, track and automate Marketing Automation based in phone calls

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