The best way to qualify your leads is to deepen your relationship with them, sending them relevant impacts that make them want to know more about your products. Delio offers you easy management of qualification tools, so you can obtain more information about each of your potential customers and thus establish an, interesting and profitable relationship for both parties.

Bye spam!

With Delio your current and potential customers will never feel spammed. Delio allows you to automate your email marketing actions with a high degree of customization and segmentation, avoiding the possibility of anyone receiving an email that is not relevant to their interests. In this way your leads will be more receptive to your messages and you will be closer to a sale.


160 characters to sell

Delio incorporates its own SMS platform, so you can integrate this way to communicate with your leads in all your marketing flows. You will have in your hands the flexibility and power of a tool designed to achieve a direct and immediate communication with your leads.

Integrate the SMS to comunicate, qualify and score Your leads, from the Delio Lead Management Dashboard

Create, Edit, Personalize your SMS

The most direct way to qualify.

Often, direct contact is the best way to qualify a lead. And there is no more direct contact than a phone call. When your call center or your sales force have to qualify leads, you will be surprised by how much the powerful calling function of Delio can help you. Delio will automatically call every lead you want to qualify and only when the contact is online, will Delio transfer it to your call center or sales force. This will save them from wasting time calling unavailable leads.

Maximize the leads ready  to convet into sales with the calls management System that provides Delio Lead Management

Know your leads better

Delio’s survey tool is powerful but easy to use. Create the surveys that you need in a few minutes , customize them as you like, segment them as much as you need and send them to your so they provide you with the information you need to sell better. Integrate the results of each survey in the individual profile of each lead and make your segmentations increasingly precise.

Capture and  qualify more quality leads  with  online surveys and follow-up  in the Delio´s Lead Management System Dashboard