More than a costumer card, finally all the information at you fingertips

Delio offers a place where you can view and edit, on a centralized way, all the data Delio has accumulated from each lead and from different sources: opened or answered emails, searches, browsing patterns, interactions with sales forces… In this way, you will be able to know when the customer is ready to purchase and what you have to do to close the sale. That’s the Contact Manager.

Delio Contact Manager provides useful information at your fingertips in an organized, simple and powerful way

Lead Scoring

Classify your leads

Delio classifies leads giving them a score based on your business rules and algorithms, analyzing variables such as: keywords used in searches, information stored in cookies, visited pages, length of visits in site, etc.

Based on a score, Lead Scoring organizes leads in groups. This allows to detect and measure leads' interest at each moment and to act on an automated way. By using the Lead Scoring tool, the Lead Management system monitors leads' response to advertising impacts and diverse online actions.

Personalized tags

Make each lead really unique

Delio tags all the features that make every lead unique. As your relationship with your leads grows, each lead will give you more information with their actions and the information they leave in contact forms, with their purchases, their interactions with your sales force… Everything is tagged for an easy management and future segmentation.


Segmentation's Manager

Segment like you’ve never segmented before. Delio’s capacity to generate information about your leads (data coming from forms, their origin or surfing patterns in your site, previous purchases etc.) comes to life in tags associated to each individual lead.

The Segmentation's Manager allows us to select leads according to diverse tags associated to them by Delio. This is how you can do sophisticated segmentations which will lead to actions with higher conversion rates.