Lead Nurturing retrieves useful leads not converted at a first attempt, to continue their treatment

Nurturing your leads until they become clients is the foundation of a profitable marketing activity. Delio is equipped with a Nurturing tool that combines easiness with flexibility and power . Now you can nurture your leads in a personalized way, sending each of thm   relevant communications through their ideal  channel, at their optimal time to receive it. You will be astounded by the results that a relevant communication, delivered at the right time, brings.

Delio Lead management provides you with the right tools so you can nurture your leads by delivering the right content at the right time to hook them to your brand


Every impact using the most effective channel

With Delio you will be able to automate those communications you want your leads to receive, using for it different means of communication.

  • Email: automate your email marketing actions and personalize them according to your audience segmentation criteria and information provided by Lead Scoring.
  • SMS: use SMS as another channel in your communications flows to your leads.
  • Calls: Delio also allows to book phone calls during Nurturing processes. Our technology will make sure that all leads are contacted. Delio will call a lead and once they pick up, will forward the call to your sales force as an incoming call for them. Your sales force will not have to invest time in calling leads. Delio will do it for them!