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What is Delio Lead Management

Delio is a Lead Management platform that helps you to sell more and better. It offers you what is necessary to qualify your leads, discover their interests and contact them with all that information immediately, at the right time, and before they lose interest. All from a single platform that allows you to design and automate your communications, taking the most out of your marketing efforts.

Discover Delio's Benefits:

  • Get in touch at the best moment
  • In order to have more effective sales, it' s necessary to have a 100% of your leads attention. In a few minutes, it's possible that they aren't  interested anymore in purchasing. Delio guarantees an effective contact within 30 seconds, increasing global sales by 20%.
  • Customize their experience
  • The key to make a good sale is to know what really matters to your potential customers. Delio collects all the end-to-end tracking and shows it to your commercial agents. Therefore, their speech will be more relevant and likely to end up in a sale (by 20% according to our experience).

  • Create commitment with each lead
  • The best way to create commitment with your leads is engagement. With Delio Live Help Tool, your leads will be able to see your agents (Click to Video) and they will be able to display images, videos and web pages to leads (Co-Browsing). A whole experience that will make your sales grow by 20%.
  • Create new opportunities
  • Retrieve those leads that were not converted at a first attempt through personalized communication flows and boost their interest in your products. Delio's Lead Nurturing tool is multichannel, allows you to contact by phone, email and SMS and could meant a 10% of your total sales.

  • Analyze and improve continuously
  • All the information about your campaigns in real time, visually and customizable. Discover what works best and optimize your investments in your  marketing platforms. It also integrates perfectly with other measuring tools such as Google or Adobe Analytics.


Delio is a Lead to Revenue Management platform that provides a complete suite for Online Marketing and Sales in the ROPO model (Research Online, Purchase Offline). Connect your potential customers' online information with their offline purchase's details (by phone, SMS, chat, shops, branches, etc).

Immediate contact

The importance of communicating at the right time

Lead Management

Individualized and relevant management for each lead

Contact Manager

All the necessary information for selling at your fingertips


100% integration so you can work as you want, with whoever you like


Without analysis there is no strategy ... measure your results!


Customizable information to make decisions in real time

More than a Saas platform

At Walmeric we develop complex technology to make your marketing and sales easier to use and more efficient.

Treat your leads immediately

Increase your chances of conversion, contacting at the right time.

Know and manage your sales opportunities

Collect information about your leads' behavior while they are looking at your products.

Make your databases profitable

Automate your communication processes with clients (Cross Selling and Upselling), load external databases or connect to your current CRM.

Measure the results

Control the most important aspects of your campaigns through a fully customizable dashboard.

The numbers speak for themselves

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About us

Get to know our history, our dream and what we are passionate about.

Delio is an online marketing platform developed by Walmeric, a leading Spanish company in offering technology and methodology for treating leads.

Since 2007, we actively research and develop new business models and solutions for the results marketing market in countries around the world, which is why we have obtained the trust and investment of CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development).

Frequent questions

  • What is Delio?

    Delio is the only marketing platform that allows you to connect online world opportunities with offline sales.

    With Delio you can organize and automate your marketing actions by means of a tool that allows you to cultivate relationships with your consumers in the short and long term, communicate with them in the most appropriate way in each case, and measure the effectiveness of the entire process.

    Did you know that a 97% of consumers researches online and a 73% of them make their purchases offline?

    With Delio you have a marketing platform that allows you to create your own online action channel and treat your leads in a personalized way to convert the most of them to sales.

    In addition, the tool integrates multiple communication channels: email, call, click2video, SMS and WhatsApp. So you can choose the most relevant way to send your messages at all times.

    Integrate your sales force (Call Center, network of branches, agents, dealers, stores ...) and you will have an end-to-end traceability of the whole process. In this way, you will have full control over the effectiveness of each campaign and will be able to always make the right decisions.

  • Delio is the ideal tool to convert leads into sales . Its functionalities allow you to contact each lead individually, at the right time and using the most appropriate communication mean. By doing this, you will get better conversion possibilities .

    With Delio you can collect all the necessary information from each one of your leads, in order to offer them personalized and always relevant messages. Easily manage the information you have of each of them and segment them to achieve a high efficiency in your actions.

    Delio allows you to automate many of your marketing actions, so you can invest your time and resources in what really adds value: the creation of marketing and sales strategies to get the best ROI .

    Also, Delio offers you all the information you need about your campaigns . You will always have the latest data, presented in the most useful way to make right decisions.

    Delio is your best partner when it comes to achieve more sales. With Delio you take the most of your marketing and sales actions, with less investment on money and human resources.

    Thit is why Delio opens the door to infinite possibilities offered by the most advanced online technology.

  • Delio is the ideal tool for marketing and sales professionals who need to capture leads online and give them an appropriate treatment to convert them into sales.

    If you are looking to improve the performance of your online investments, make your marketing campaigns more effective, segment your leads better, communicate with them in the most relevant way and time and always have the best information to make the right strategic decisions, Delio is the one for you.

  • Because you need to communicate with your buyers individually and with relevant information for each one. Because you have to do it efficiently, without consuming all your technical, human and financial resources. Because you need to do more, with less . Because you want those who seek information about your product to become your buyers, not your competitors'.

    Because you need to make Lead Management efficiently .

  • Contact starts with a Hot Lead , an immediate contact process that begins when a lead requests an immediate phone call Call Me Now or dial the number that appears on your website. In this case Live Help Tool is able to identify the lead from the dialed number, through Ring Pool, and transfer all the information to the Tracking System .

    Live Help Tool benefits from the powerful tracking module that Delio provides, so that the sales agent can know the moment and page where that lead decided to get in touch with them, number of visits and time spent, interests through the page views, downloaded content etc.

    Once the contact is established, the agent through video / chat or co-browsing will have the necessary tools to guide clients through the sales process.

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