Lead Qualification

Lead management post about the impact, methods, and best practices with Lead qualification and lead scoring based on theunderstanding of lead interests and buying intentions.


Distribute only HOT LEADS to your sales team

Many leaders, from marketing or sales teams, choose to distribute every lead to their sales team without taking into account that this action could hurt their sales. In this post you will find three important reasons to deliver only HOT LEADS to sales team. If you send every lead to sales team you are degrading…

Delio personalization

The power of personalization to increase your sales

“Personalization” is one of the hottest words in marketing right now. A recent study found out that 52% of digital marketers consider the ability to personalize web content to be fundamental to their online strategy. Although it means slightly different things depending on the marketing context where it is used, new technologies are allowing us to take the concept…

Delio Live Help tool

Sell up to 20% more by working on the commitment of your leads

Many companies find that they manage a large amount of calls every day and yet convert to sales only a few. There is a way to turn this situation around. All you have to do is rethink the way your sales process is organized. Try to create a situation where the lead receives a sales…

Personalized Content in landing pages an Urls to boost your conversions

Boost Your Conversions: Dynamic Landing Pages and personalized URLs

Although both dynamic landing pages and personalized URLs attempt to show the content that is more likely to result in favorable response from the lead, the fundamental difference is that the landing pages try to persuade a visitor to take action by completing a  transaction explicitly (filling out a form, making a call etc), while a personalized url…

Lead Scoring

Score your leads and become more efficient

More leads are being generated than ever before. Companies today are generating contacts via their web sites, social media resources and other Sales & Marketing efforts. However, the lead conversion rate has been dropping during 2014, according to the Sales Performance Optimization study from CSO Insight. So, what should be the correct process in order…


Are your Marketing and Sales teams integrated?

Are your Marketing and Sales teams integrated? Your company is probably losing opportunities and money if they are not. Marketing and Sales are two crucial departments in any company, yet in a surprising number of cases they are not aligned. The integration of both areas can improve the customer buying process and multiply the number of…


How long does it take you to contact your leads?

Did you know that companies take an average 47 hours to get in touch with a lead who has requested a contact? That’s right, somebody shows an interest in your product or service and it takes you hours, even days to get back to this potential buyer. What happens when you take a long time…


More sales with less effort

Have you noticed how companies demand more and more sales from Marketing and Sales and yet at the same time often want it done with less and less resources? Is this your case? Read on, there might be a solution to your predicament. There are several things you are probably doing already, such as trying…


Know your customers better!

  One of the first things you learn as a marketing professional is that a deep knowledge and understanding of your customers (or potential customers) will result in better interactions with them and more sales as a result. Technology has taken our possibilities of knowing our customers better to new levels, opening up an era of personalized…