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Sell up to 20% more by working on the commitment of your leads

Many companies find that they manage a large amount of calls every day and yet convert to sales only a few. There is a way to turn this situation around. All you have to do is rethink the way your sales process is organized. Try to create a situation where the lead receives a sales pitch that is more relevant and involving.

Consumers research their purchases online but an impressive 77% still wants to talk to a person before actually buying. This is a great opportunity for you.

Delio’s Live Help Tool is a product designed to boost your sales by increasing the consumer’s commitment and his/her inclination to purchase. These functionalities make the relationship between lead and salesperson more intense, for two reasons:

  • The salesperson has all the information available about the lead before starting the sales pitch (Tracking).
  • Technology is used to turn the conversation into an experience, so it involves the lead more and increases commitment (co-browsing, video, chat).

Accessing information about your lead in real time will increase your chances of making a sale

Delio tracking Live Help Tool


When the lead gets in touch with the salesperson (by leaving a number to receive a call or dialing the number seen on the site), all the available tracking information appears on the salesperson’s screen. This will allow him to call the lead by her name, know the product she is interested in, the information she has already seen, etc. The salesperson’s pitch will be personalized and much more relevant for the lead. Conversions to sales will increase.



Delio co browsing Live Help ToolMake your sale an experience

You can use the lead’s device screen to help you make an experience of what would otherwise be a normal telephone sales pitch.

Co-browsing: the salesperson can show different visuals in the lead’s own screen, share part of his screen, showing images or videos to help in the pitch (eg: pages of a catalog or a video of an hotel room). This is a great help to support a sale and will involve your lead in it.

Video and chat: the lead can hear the salesperson through the telephone and see him on the screen of her device with a perfect sound & image synchronization. The lead can therefore “see” the salesperson during the conversation, a much more engaging experience that is more likely to end up in a sale. Furthermore, a chat window allows the lead to provide data to the salesperson (eg: email, phone or other numbers) and thus make the whole process more agile.

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So, what you have is a lead who, instead of making a call and going through a normal sales conversation speaks to somebody who knows what she wants, can see that person, see visuals presenting features of the product she is interested in or a purchase order being filled by the salesperson. The conversation has turned into an experience, increasing the lead’s involvement and commitment. All with the help of a tool that is easy to use and implement (2 weeks in all).

The result: a happy customer and up to 20% more sales for you.

That is why at Delio we like to say that we help you to sell more and sell better.

Delio Lead management is a flexible solution that integrates in one tool everything your company needs for efficient management of each lead.

Contact us and ask for a free trial.


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