Know your customers better!


One of the first things you learn as a marketing professional is that a deep knowledge and understanding of your customers (or potential customers) will result in better interactions with them and more sales as a result. Technology has taken our possibilities of knowing our customers better to new levels, opening up an era of personalized and relevant communications with them.

Because nowadays 97% of consumers do some kind of research online before buying a product or service, there are a lot of data we can gather. When somebody lands at your website, you should be able to know where they came from, if it was a search, the words used, the pages browsed, the time spent in each of them, videos or files downloaded… you don’t just need to collect all those data, you need to collect them somewhere where you can make sense of them and use them.

One of Delio’s features is called Tracking 360º and it can help you track your leads throughout their lifecycle. Delio will automatically note their origin, their web surfing patterns, any data left in landing pages, the result of conversations with your sales force or purchases made…. All possible information sources for a lead together in one place and organized for easy comprehension and segmentation. Delio’s Tracking 360º allows you to know your customers and leads better, so you can take better decisions, implement more relevant campaigns and achieve more sales as a result.

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