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Delio Co-Browsing: Lead engagement


The Co-Browsing is the joint navigation in the same site by two or more people accessing the same web pages simultaneously. The Cobrowsing  was probably originated as a technology for documentary research environments at the end of the last century, and as we see in “Is co-browsing dead? 3 out of 5 librarians agree”, it was a…


Why you should track and analyze your campaigns?

Nowadays we are living inside a competitive world with a lot of information and advertising regards services or products. This is a good reason to think about tracking and analyzing your lead data and marketing campaigns. Within this environment you will need  not only to think about measure how those campaigns will promote the sale…


Distribute only HOT LEADS to your sales team

Many leaders, from marketing or sales teams, choose to distribute every lead to their sales team without taking into account that this action could hurt their sales. In this post you will find three important reasons to deliver only HOT LEADS to sales team. If you send every lead to sales team you are degrading…

Delio personalization

The power of personalization to increase your sales

“Personalization” is one of the hottest words in marketing right now. A recent study found out that 52% of digital marketers consider the ability to personalize web content to be fundamental to their online strategy. Although it means slightly different things depending on the marketing context where it is used, new technologies are allowing us to take the concept…

Personalized Content in landing pages an Urls to boost your conversions

Boost Your Conversions: Dynamic Landing Pages and personalized URLs

Although both dynamic landing pages and personalized URLs attempt to show the content that is more likely to result in favorable response from the lead, the fundamental difference is that the landing pages try to persuade a visitor to take action by completing a  transaction explicitly (filling out a form, making a call etc), while a personalized url…


What is Lead Nurturing?

Surely you have provided your personal data to download whitepapers, ebooks or participate in webinars, and shortly afterwards you have received some emails from that company with certain information. This kind of process is known as Lead Nurturing. So, Lead Nurturing is a marketing automation technique with three purposes: Identify which users in your database…


Integrate Leads, Data and Events to increase Conversions.

Marketing campaigns experience shows us that a higher rate of conversions usually occurs the closer in time we are to the acquisition of data (eg, form filling). Similarly, the rate decreases, often exponentially, as we move away from this time. This process is very similar to what takes place in direct sales environments: “When affirmative lead response does not occur…


Retaining your existing clients: here’s what you can do

Do you know the churn rate of your clients? Have you got systems in place to spot the “danger moments” when a client could abandon you and strategies to prevent it? If the answer is no, you need to do something about it. Read on! Different studies estimate that the cost of acquiring a new…


So what exactly is Delio?

Delio is a Lead Management software platform that gives you the capacity of creating and implementing your own Online Marketing and Sales campaigns. It is different from other software platforms out there because it has been designed from scratch with the needs of the B2C market in mind. Consider this: according to Google 97% of…


More sales with less effort

Have you noticed how companies demand more and more sales from Marketing and Sales and yet at the same time often want it done with less and less resources? Is this your case? Read on, there might be a solution to your predicament. There are several things you are probably doing already, such as trying…