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lead management post related to teh Immediate treatment of the lead to boost sales and increase customer engagement


Are your Marketing and Sales teams integrated?

Are your Marketing and Sales teams integrated? Your company is probably losing opportunities and money if they are not. Marketing and Sales are two crucial departments in any company, yet in a surprising number of cases they are not aligned. The integration of both areas can improve the customer buying process and multiply the number of…


Integrate Leads, Data and Events to increase Conversions.

Marketing campaigns experience shows us that a higher rate of conversions usually occurs the closer in time we are to the acquisition of data (eg, form filling). Similarly, the rate decreases, often exponentially, as we move away from this time. This process is very similar to what takes place in direct sales environments: “When affirmative lead response does not occur…


Delio webinar next Wednesday 29 October

We’re glad to announce our next webinar coming up next Wednesday 29 October at 6.30 pm (Madrid, Paris, Berlin), 12.30pm (New York). Register here for what could be the most productive 30 minutes of your week.


How long does it take you to contact your leads?

Did you know that companies take an average 47 hours to get in touch with a lead who has requested a contact? That’s right, somebody shows an interest in your product or service and it takes you hours, even days to get back to this potential buyer. What happens when you take a long time…