With Delio, contact and Nurture your Unbounce B2C Leads

Unbounce lets marketers build high-converting landing pages without I.T. 1-click publishing, A/B testing and a suite of best-practice landing page templatesUnbounce is the most powerful landing page builder.

Optimize your campaign and conversion funnels without any technical knowledge.
Quickly & easily: Build, publish and A/B test landing pages for PPC, display advertising, email marketing or social media campaigns.


Delio is the right lead management tool for Unbounce users

Mores Sales with Delio Lead Management
  • Handles capture, score  and contact of Internet  and phone leads.
  • Get in touch with each lead immediately.
  • Contact your leads  when the time is just right for them.
  • Easy to configure with visual Workflows.
  • Porwerful lead scoring System.
  • Real time Analytics from all your marketing channels.
  • Point-and-click to check real time performance in any workflow .
  • Easy to integrate with third party tools (i.e. CRMs)

…  and much more for your  Unbounce landing page leads.

How To Get Started


Login into your Delio account and:


  • Copy API Idtag from Contact Manager–Data Manager (API).
  • Create an URL Tracking in Site Manager and copy.
  • Create a Visit tag and a subtag and copy.
  • Create a conversion tag and copy.



Login into your Unbounce account and:



  • Choose the Landing Page you want to integrate.
  • Edit the Landing Page.
  • Double Click on the landing page Form.
  • Create a hidden field called “IdTag”, and copy in that hidden field the idtag value  from Delio account.
  • Create a hidden field called “Idlead” with a  “none” value.
  • Click Done
  • Click on Javascript- Head
  • Disable Jquery checkbox and add the last version of JQuery (i.e. <script src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js”></script>).
  • Paste  IdTag Script.
  • Go to Javascript area before </body> tag and paste the “Visit Tag”.
  • Click Done
  • Go to Unbounce Landing Page form confirmation and add the redirect to a page with the conversion tag.
  • Save the Landing Page and republish it.
  • Go to WebHook and  put the following  Url for Post  http://ws.walmeric.com/provision/wsclient/sendLeadUnbounce.html.


Test it


  • Go to Unbounce Landing Page url and fill the form.
  • Go to Unbounce to check the conversion.
  • Go to Delio Lead Management to check the conversion.
  • 1. Delio Login.
  • 2. Click on “C. Manager”.
  • 3. Click on “Leads Detail”.
  • 4. Go to the Last lead page.
  • 5. Click on the lead that we want to check.



You already have a basic Delio integration for your Unbounce  Landing page. From this point you can associate each received  lead to  a personalized treatment depending on the Visual workflow you’ve created.


Add Delio to your Unbounce pages Now!

Do not hesitate, if you want to give a more personalized treatment to your potential customers, optimizing your sales resources, Delio Lead management is a flexible solution that integrates in one tool everything your company needs for efficient management of each lead.


Contact us and ask for a free trial         or          Download full tutorial

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