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What is DELIO?


Did you know that 97% of consumers get informed online, although 73% will then go on to make their purchases offline? Delio is the only marketing platform that allow you to link the opportunities of the online world with offline sales.

With Delio you will be able to captivate your consumers and accelerate your sales. Organize and automate your marketing with a tool designed to nurture consumer relations in the long and short term, communicate with your consumers in the way that is most relevant to them and measure how efficient the whole process is.

In Delio you have a marketing platform that allows you to create your own online channel and treat your leads in a personalized way so you can turn the maximum number of them to sales.

Delio allow you to reach your consumers and build short and long term relationships with them, in order to achieve sales conversions. The tool integrates several communications channels: email, telephone calls, click2video, SMS and whatsapp messages. Thus you will be able to choose the most relevant way to send your messages each time.

You can integrate your sales force (call center, branch network, agents, dealers, shops ...) and you will have end-to-end traceability of the whole process. This gives you full control over the effectiveness of every campaign, you can always make the right decisions.

What is it for?

Delio is the ideal tool to turn leads into sales. Delio’s features allow you to contact your leads on a one-to-one basis, at the right time and using the most relevant medium in each case. This is how you ensure the best chances at conversion.

With Delio you will be able to gather all the necessary information from each of your leads, so you can offer them personalized messages that are always relevant to them. Easily manage the information you have on each of your leads and segment them any way you like in order to achieve maximum efficiency in your campaigns.

Delio allows you to automate many of your marketing campaigns, so you can invest your time and resources in what really adds value: the creation of new marketing and sales strategies that offer the best ROI.

Delio also gives you all the information that you need about your campaigns so you can always have the latest data, organized in the most useful way to allow you informed decision-making.

Delio is your best ally to obtain more sales. With Delio you will make more of your marketing and sales initiatives, with less investment in human and economic resources.

For Whom?

Delio is the ideal tool for marketing and sales professionals who need to acquire online leads and give them the right treatment to turn them into sales.

If you are looking to improve the performance of your online investments, make your marketing campaigns more effective, better segment your leads, communicate with them in the most relevant way, at the moment that is right for them while getting the best information to take the right strategic decisions, then Delio is for you.


Because you need to communicate with your leads and clients in an individualized way relevant to each of them.

Because you need to achieve that in an efficient way, without using up all of your technical, human and economic resources.

Because you want that those who are looking for information about your product turn into buyers, not your competitors.

Because you need an efficient Lead Management