Miguel Sotomayor

Head of Direct Channel at Aegon

We have implemented Walmeric’s Lead management tool in our site. The goal is to optimize sales conversion using one-to-one qualification treatments for leads captured online: Click2Chat, Click2video and Lead Nurturing. Furthermore, with the Trust View tool we can monitor the contacting and sales process in real time, which allows us to optimize our campaigns.

Implementing the system in our Call Center was quick, easy and transparent and we did not have to change our procedures. The support and involvement of all their staff has been impressive.

Alberto De La Uz

Head of Online Sales Channel

Walmeric provides a quick and efficient product; easy to manage, cost effective and customized. Walmeric’s products are adapted to the needs of each client. I would like to emphasize agility, accessibility and orientation to the final customer.

Sergio Torrijos

Deputy Director, Marketing and Communication at Inversis

Walmeric solution for prospects management has enabled us to optimize our demand generation online campaigns and thus improve their efficiency. We find particularly interesting the integration offered in their reporting: from click to result after conversation with our sales force, considering all contacting models in the analysis.

This view allows us to modulate the media investment considering only those that generate a real return. Walmeric has presented us with an innovative solution, very business-oriented, under a variable cost model and technical and commercial support team that is both professional and dynamic.

Patricio Torres

Director Internet Channel Division

Clickseguros trusts our technology to launch their star campaign.

Clickseguros will use our platform to manage its campain “Substract money from your car insurance policy”.

By implementing this project we committed to optimize the campaign’s different phases: generation, management and conversion. To achieve this we are using Walmeric’s Lead Management service, including Hotlead or immediate management of the lead contacting and Lead Nurturing, which manages leads who did a price simulation in our website but didn’t go throught with the purchase.

The purchase process starts at the landing pages, specifically designed for leads to fill in their data. Once the form is filled, Walmeric’s technology contacts each lead, qualifies his interest in the product and transfers the lead to our Call Center. The technology also manages the Call Center’s optimized occupation. Once the conversation with an agent finishes the result is recorded and if the lead did not go through with the purchase, a contact flow starts: the lead gets an SMS text a day after the initial contact, two emails over the following week and a final SMS to end the flow.

This methodology and the services associated to it have brought clear advantages to Clickseguros. We have centralized all our lead management activities in a single tool, regardless of the lead’s origin. We are achieving 97% contactability and recovering 16% of the leads who did not purchase in the first attempt. Lastly, I want to mention the efficient ROI measurement we have thanks to Walmeric’s Reporting tool, where everything can be tracked end-to-end.

Fernando Salcedo

Creative Director, Southern Europe and Latin America

Securitas Direct chooses us to improve communications with its online clients.

After a long round of evaluation with companies offering innovative technological solutions, Securitas Direct has finally chosen Delio’s technology to improve communications and further strengthen the links with its online clients.

According to internal company statistics, Securitas Direct (a company selling home alarm systems) has received up to 14,000 alarm installation requests in a week. The figure shows the growing importance of the online medium for client-company communication in this industry. Walmeric’s service called Hotlead will allow Securitas Direct to offer a direct and immediate telephone response to anyone who expresses online interest in buying an alarm system. “These type of solutions are winners for everyone: for the company because we can establish a quick and effective communication and for our clients because they will get an immediate reply to their requests without unnecessary intermediaries or delays”, explains Fernando Salcedo, Creative Director and Head of Online Management and Communication at Securitas Direct.

The service purchased by Securitas Direct also includes an anti-fraud system which detects any anomalous or fraudulent contact attempt.

The agreement is part of the company’s strategy to spare no effort or resource in providing Securitas Direct with whatever it needs to deal with the unstoppable growth of its client portfolio, always partnering with the best companies and suppliers in each industry.

Securitas Direct, leader in the home and business security industry in Spain has around 70% share in the new alarms market and currently has 650,000 clients, 130 offices and a staff of 3,800.

Manuel Plaza

CRM Manager BMW Group España

In just 2 months, the Lead Management platform has allowed us the building of a ROPO model by optimizing our processes to link the online and offline (dealership network) channels. 

Thanks to the automated and efficient management of our leads, the sales teams can better plan their daily schedules and provide better attention to their prospects. The salespersons particularly like the immediate contact and how easily the demand of response by clients is covered. They also notice an improvement in conversion rates.

Thanks to the plaform we now have complete visibility through the TrustView tool, where we can see results in real time, from the first click of a lead in our website to the final conversation with our salesperson at the dealership. This, together with how simple it is to export the results (to a spreadsheet, to images, etc.) facilitates agile decision making. Walmeric’s technical team has always made itself available and is totally client-focused.

Ramón Almendro

General Manager at Boston Medical Group

We have been using Walmeric’s platform (DELIO Lead Management) for several months and have experienced substantial improvements in the attention we provide our customers and potential clients with. On the one hand, the Contact Manager solution allows us to centralize all the information we have on each lead, from the data left by them voluntarily to the results of their interactions with us or the pages in our website that they are most interested in. With all this information we can customize the way we treat each lead so that our interactions with them is much more relevant and satisfactory.

The Hotlead solution, on the other hand, facilitates immediate contact with those leads who request it. It is a methodology which applies automation to manage our leads, with a double advantage: no lead is left unattended and immediate contact makes conversion rates improve. We also have a reporting system that provides us with the information we need to optimize our campaigns and improve our ROI.